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ICAL healingslowmo


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ICAL slowmo badass


ICAL SlowmoStyle


ICAL KeceSlowmo


ICAL SlowmoStyle 2


ICAL Slowmo Trend


ICAL CineSlowmo


ICAL Slowmo vibes


ICAL paradiseslowmo

ICAL CapCut Template Slow Motion

CapCut is one of the top video editor that has some advanced features to help users do video editing in few minutes. Using the premade templates you have to just add the videos and images and thats all.

ICAL AR is a famous CapCut template creator. His templates are used by millions of users around the world. All of his templates comes with unqiue and amazing filters, sound and effects.

ICAL CapCut templates slow motion are trending among the CapCut video editors. The page contains 10 slow motion templates by ICAL AR. You can use them to quickly edit your video.

You can watch the preview video of ICAL capcut slow motion template before clicking on Use in CapCut button. The page also provides overview of the each template, including the duration, likes it received and template users.

How to use ICAL Slow Motion Template in CapCut?

  • Make sure you’ve CapCut installed on your mobile device.
  • First of all, watch the preview video.
  • Once you’ve selected the template, click on the Use in CapCut button below the video.
  • This will redirect you to the CapCut app. 
  • It’ll ask you to select the photos and videos from your mobile phone gallery.
  • After selecting the media, click on the export button. Your video is ready and it’ll be saved on your phone. If you want a watermark-free video then you can install CapCut Mod APK.


For those who are beginner or just starting out video editing, it can be difficult and challenging for them to do a professional video edit. However, using these premade ICAL slowmo templates you can create your video and share with your loved ones in no time.